Support with Managing and paying off Debt

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Helping you manage your debt

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How Sapwood Helps you and Your Debt

  • Paying Down Debt

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  • When to take on loans

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  • High vs. Low Interest Loans

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Short and Long Term Debt Planning

New Zealand has a universal superannuation scheme. Everyone aged 65 years old or over, who is a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident and normally lives in New Zealand at the time they apply is eligible.

They must also have lived in New Zealand for at least 10 years since they turned 20 with five of those years being since they turned 50. Time spent overseas in certain countries and for certain reasons may be counted for New Zealand Superannuation.

New Zealand Superannuation is taxed, the rate of which depends on their other income. The amount of Superannuation paid depends on the person's household situation. For a married couple the net tax amount is set by legislation to be no less than 66% of net average wage.

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Other resources, companies or approaches we recommend

  • Short-Term Loans

    Paying down debt and long-term interest loans in a managed, deliberate way that lets you work towards long-term goals while minimizing fees and ensuring you can meet your weekly needs.

    Recommended Providers:
    AMI Insurance
    AA Insurance
    Westpac, ANZ or ASB Insurance

  • Loan Interest Calculators

    Setting short, medium and long-term goals to work towards — whether that’s paying off a loan, saving for a holiday, getting a new bike for your kids, or saving for your first home or retirement.

    Recommended Providers:
    Google Sheets

  • Repayment Planning

    Working towards long-term financial security for yourself, your family and loved ones through making financial investments with different levels of managed risk and time horizons.

    Recommended Providers:
    AA Motors
    Consumer Finance Bureau
    NZGovt Finance

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